Firmware Version 003.007.024

New Features

Added the following features, available with a MicroLogic X control unit with firmware version 002.000.003 or higher:

  • Monitoring of current and power demand values

  • Reset of peak demand values

  • New events for notification by email:

    • Presence of 24 Vdc power supply

    • Ground-fault alarm/ Earth-leakage alarm (available when Ground-fault Digital Module is installed on MicroLogic X control unit)

  • Update of standard dataset with current and power demand values

  • Availability of legacy dataset when Modbus Legacy Dataset Digital Module is installed on the MicroLogic X control unit

  • Availability of individual harmonics and currents up to rank 40 when Individual Harmonics Analysis Digital Module is installed on the MicroLogic X control unit

  • Introduction of new mechanism for activating Digital Modules across Enerlin’X devices

  • Modification to management of multiple requests through command interface: reception of new command aborts previous command still in progress.

Added ComPacT NSX circuit breaker with MicroLogic 7 trip unit as discoverable device that can be connected to ULP port of IFE server.

Added Vigirex RHU and Vigirex RMH relays as discoverable devices that can be connected as Modbus slaves on an IFM interface stacked to the IFE server.

Bugs Fixed

  • LV434002: ULP LED was blinking green instead of yellow when IFE server was in Boot mode.

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