Firmware Version 003.006.011

New Features

  • Added access through Modbus registers to the trip cause data for MasterPacT MTZ circuit breakers

  • Added support of alpha-numeric passwords for IFE webpages

  • LV434002: Added support for the internal battery that maintains the date and time settings of the real-time clock (RTC) during a power loss

  • Added compatibility with ULP cables up to 20 m (65 ft) in length

  • Added alarm support for the MicroLogic P and H advanced protection settings, allowing an alarm email to be sent

  • Added discovery from IFE webpages of devices equipped with non-communicating trip units, through BCM or BSCM module (For example, NSX non-communicating MicroLogic with BSCM module), for device status display only

  • Added compatibility with new MicroLogic 7 trip units for ComPacT NSX circuit breakers

  • Added Integration of Acti9 Smartlink SI D as a remote device

  • Updated Modbus end-of-line termination default value in webpage for easier default configuration

NOTE: The Schneider Electric automatic email profile is not available now. You have to use your own SMTP server.

Bugs Fixed

  • FTP server could not be enabled in Italian language

  • BCM firmware update was not performed when IFE device closed connection in DHCP mode.

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