Data Centers and Network Systems

EcoStruxure™ IT

In a connected world, it’s now more important than ever to protect critical information and data. Ensure that your data center’s physical infrastructure can adapt quickly to support both future demand driven by IoT and growth (in the cloud and at the edge) without ever compromising availability or operational efficiency. [1]

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Apps, Analytics & Services [1]

Increasing resiliency and visibility through live sensor data, predictive analytics and smart alarming.

Edge Control [1]

For real-time monitoring, incident management, analysis and asset utilization.

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Connected Products [1]

Connecting the domains of IT, mechanical and power room for resilency and efficency.

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  1. EcoStruxure™ is continually evolving and expanding. The Digest may not reflect all available connected products, apps, analytics, and services. Refer to EcoStruxure™ on for the latest information.

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