IoT-enabled Architecture and Platform

EcoStruxure™: IoT-enabled Architecture and Platform

EcoStruxure™ is Schneider Electric’s IoT-enabled, plug-and-play, open, interoperable architecture and platform, in Homes, Buildings, Data Centers, Infrastructure and Industries.

EcoStruxure delivers one architecture, serving four end markets (Building, Data Center, Industry, Infrastructure), with six domains of expertise: [1]

  • EcoStruxure™ Power

  • EcoStruxure™ Building

  • EcoStruxure™ IT

  • EcoStruxure™ Machine

  • EcoStruxure™ Plant

  • EcoStruxure™ Grid

Apps, Analytics, and Services [1]

Interoperability is imperative to supporting the diverse hardware and systems in building, data center, industry, and grid end markets. EcoStruxure enables a breadth of agnostic applications, analytics & services for seamless enterprise integration.

Edge Control [1]

Mission-critical scenarios can be unpredictable, so control of devices at the edge of the IoT network is a must. This essential capability provides real-time solutions that enable local control at the edge, protecting safety and uptime.

Connected Products [1]

The Internet of Things starts with the best things. Our IoT-enabled best-in-class connected products include breakers, drives, UPSs, relays, sensors, and more. Devices with embedded intelligence drive better decision-making throughout operations.


  1. EcoStruxure™ is continually evolving and expanding.The printed Digest may not reflect all available connected products, apps, analytics, and services. Refer to EcoStruxure™ on for the latest information.

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