Grid Efficiency

EcoStruxure™ Grid

From seamless local production and integration at the grid edge, to bridging demand and supply, EcoStruxure™ Grid increases your grid’s efficiency for sustainable networks. [1]

Apps, Analytics, and Services [1]

Smart grid analytics for efficient operations, predictive maintenance and investment plans. A complete services portfolio - from field instruments to control room - to help optimize assets, people, equipment and plant, at every stage of your asset life cycle.

Edge Control [1]

Secure, reliable & efficient grid, substation & meter management.

Connected Products [1]

Remote control & monitoring insights on mobile tools for safer maintenance and operations.


  1. EcoStruxure™ is continually evolving and expanding. The Digest may not reflect all available connected products, apps, analytics, and services. Refer to EcoStruxure™ on for the latest information.

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