Efficient Buildings

EcoStruxure™ Building

From design, through integration to commissioning, EcoStruxure™ Building brings best-in-class engineering efficiency to your building. Combined with our asset and energy performance services, we enable lifetime efficiency of your building ensuring productivity and comfort for occupants. [1]

Visit EcoStruxure™ Building on www.schneider-electric.us for the latest information

Apps, Analytics, and Services [1]

Gain actionable insights via apps, analytics and services based on best-in-class expertise, processes and predictive technology.

Edge Control [1]

Simplify integration between buildings and systems with EcoStruxure Building Management.

Connected Products [1]

Build a solid foundation with connected devices ranging from valves actuators and controllers, to circuit breakers, sensors and meters.


    1. EcoStruxure™ is continually evolving and expanding. The Digest may not reflect all available connected products, apps, analytics, and services. Refer to EcoStruxure™ on www.schneider-electric.us for the latest information.

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