Should I upgrade my display firmware?

The PM89RD96 display firmware upgrade is required under the following conditions:

Display troubleshooting icon

The display icon indicates a display firmware update is required.


Refer to “Appendix B: Display troubleshooting icons” for additional information.

Display firmware version

Displays with firmware version v3.x.x or earlier require a display firmware upgrade for compatibility with your PowerLogic™ ION9000 series meter, or PowerLogic™ PM8000/ION7400 series meter with meter firmware v2.1.x or later.

Use ION Setup to determine the display firmware revision.

NOTE: If the PM89RD96 is not compatible with the meter it is connected to, the display serial number and display firmware revision will either be N/A or no data will be provided by ION Setup.

Navigate to ION Setup > Advanced Meter Mode > Factory module > Setup registers > RMD Revision.

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