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Anti-Tripping Management

The Anti-Tripping Management prevents the circuit breaker from tripping by switching off the load (e.g. Water Heater, EV Socket) or reducing the power of the load. This keeps the total consumption of the system under a defined limit. The limit value is set by your Contract limit, refer to Setting Tariff - Peak/Off peak rate. Devices that are eligible will be added automatically to the Anti-Tripping Management.
  • When a device is managed by the Anti-Tripping management, the Schedules, Moments and Automations for that device are not executed.

  • This feature is available only in France and Germany.

NOTE: Maximum of 8 devices can be added.

Supported devices:

  • Power Micromodule (Water Heater)

  • EV Socket

  • Smart Plug

  • Smart Sockets


  • Configure one of your PowerTag as Grid. Refer to Pairing main PowerTag.

  • Set the Contract limit.

     A default contract limit is automatically set when pairing the main PowerTag as Grid. You can change the contract limit later if the Grid value set during the PowerTag installation does not match the tariff, refer to Setting - Peak/Off peak rate.
  • Pair the supported devices. Refer to Pairing the device (based on what devices you have installed) - Power Micromodule, EV socket, Smart Plug, Smart Socket.

Enabling Anti-Tripping Management

Once the prerequisites are completed, user gets notified that this feature is available. The Anti-Tripping screen appears on the Home page.

  1. Read the feature update and swipe to navigate to next screen.

  2. Tap to close the overlay screen.

    • The supported devices will be enrolled automatically.

Disabling Anti-Tripping Management

The Anti-Tripping Management feature for the supported devices can be deactivated at any time.

  1. On the Home page, tap > Energy Management > Anti-Tripping Management.

    Tap the toggle switch (A) for the devices you want to disable.
    If the device is currently in use, a notification will prompt you that deactivating this feature may cause your power to trip.

  2. Tap Continue to disable.

Activation status

On the Home page and control panel page of the devices, (A) denotes the Anti-Tripping management status.

  • The devices will typically be off for upto 10 minutes. It will restart automatically when power is available.

  • If you wish to turn on the device in Home page or control panel page, a Caution window is prompted that the device is being actively managed. Read the information and tap Go to settings and disable the toggle switch to remove the device from the Anti-Tripping Management.

Live status

When the Anti-tripping feature is active for any device, the load shedding (A) is shown in the Live tab.



Possible cause


Algorithm is currently unavailable displayed in the Live tab.

  • The device is offline.
  • System/Hub is unable to receive data from the device.
  • Technical issue.

Restart your Hub.
If the problem still persists contact your installer or visit Help and Support and select your country.

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