Firmware Version 6.5.4

New Features

  • Integrated the following devices:

    • PowerTag energy sensors with part numbers A9MEM1560 to A9MEM1572

    • Acti 9 OF24 indication auxiliaries

    • Acti 9 SD24 indication auxiliaries

    • PowerTag M250/M630 energy sensors

  • For all MicroLogic trip units and control units:

    • Quick view additionally displays ampere protection settings: Ir, Isd, Ii, Ig, and IΔn.

    • Safety message displays before opening and closing of the circuit breaker.

  • For MicroLogic X control units with firmware version 002.000.003 or greater:

    • Integration of additional events.

    • Device view additionally displays:

      • Maintenance: load profile

      • Measures: current demand and power demand

  • For ComPacT NSX circuit breakers with MicroLogic 7 trip unit:

    • Device view additionally displays earth leakage current.

  • For FDM128 display:

    • Selection of Modbus address range (between 1 and 247) before launching device discovery

    • Pre-filling of gateway and device IP addresses according to FDM128 IP address and subnetwork mask

    • Cancelation of device discovery in progress

  • Real time refresh rates Primary and Secondary renamed to Fast and Slow respectively.

Bugs Fixed

  • In General view, status of ComPacT NSX and PowerPacT H-, J-, L-frame devices was unstable.

  • Bar graph was inconsistent with real-time current values for PowerTag devices.

  • Text and graphics on display were misaligned.

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