FDM128 Ethernet Display for Eight Devices

The FDM128 Ethernet display for eight devices (LV434128) is a 1-to-8 human machine interface (HMI). The main component is a 5.7-inch touchscreen.

An FDM128 display can be connected to devices via an Ethernet interface by using any of the following options:

  • One or more Ethernet gateways (IFE server, Link150, PowerLogic EGX300 and EGX100, PowerTag Link, PowerTag Link B, PowerTag Link HD, Smartlink SI B, or Smartlink Ethernet).

  • One or more third-party Ethernet gateways that possess the appropriate characteristics.

The FDM128 display monitors and controls up to eight devices from the following list:

  • Circuit breakers equipped with communicating MicroLogic trip units, such as:

    • MasterPact MTZ circuit breakers

    • MasterPact NT/NW circuit breakers

    • ComPact NS circuit breakers

    • ComPact NSX circuit breakers

    • PowerPact P- and R-frame circuit breakers

    • PowerPact H-, J-, and L-frame circuit breakers

  • Switch-disconnectors, such as:

    • MasterPact NT HA switch-disconnectors

    • MasterPact NW NA/HA/HA10/HF switch-disconnectors

    • ComPact NS NA switch-disconnectors

    • ComPact NSX NA switch-disconnectors

    • PowerPact P- and R-frame switch-disconnectors

    • PowerPact H-, J-, and L-frame switch-disconnectors

  • PowerTag Link devices, such as:

    • PowerTag Link

    • PowerTag Link B

    • PowerTag Link HD

  • Smartlink devices, such as:

    • Smartlink SI B gateway

    • Smartlink Modbus gateway

The information displayed includes measures, alarms, and operating assistance data.

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