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Power Solutions Integrated Equipment Overview

For over 30 years, the Schneider Electric Power Solutions business has been providing integrated equipment solutions for retail construction, commercial, and industrial projects. The Square D™ brand family of integrated equipment combines electrical distribution, building controls, and automation into a single, factory-assembled and pre-wired enclosure/lineup. Our innovative, cost-effective, integrated solutions save valuable floor space, shorten construction cycle times, and reduce installation and material handling costs.

Modular Panelboard System—Pre-Engineered Solution

The Modular Panelboard System (MPS) is tailored to customer specifications and may include panels and lighting control equipment. Special Powerlink™ lighting control and column-width panel interiors are available. Additional options include power and control cable wiring, contactors, terminal blocks, surge protective devices (SPDs), equipment spaces, and power metering/monitoring solutions. Seismically qualified MPS sections are also available.
Tailored to customer specifications, MPS sections are:

  • 86 in. (2184 mm) high,

  • 9.5 in. (241 mm) deep, and

  • vary in width depending on customer specifications

Integrated Power Center—Custom-Designed Solution

For more complex applications, the Integrated Power Center (IPC) allows for the integration of a variety of components, including electrical distribution equipment, HVAC controls, lighting controls, power quality and power conditioning products, SPDs, building management systems and power metering/monitoring solutions. As with all Power Solutions Integrated Equipment products, the IPC is designed to meet applicable codes and standards and is available as seismically qualified. Factory-assembled, pre-wired (based on shipping splits), and tested in a controlled environment, IPC sections are:

  • 84 in. (2134 mm) high,

  • 10.5 in. (267 mm) deep, and

  • vary in width depending on customer specifications

Standby Power Connection Solutions—UL Listed

The new family of Standby Power Connection Solutions are designed, tested, manufactured and listed to the UL standards providing you with a reliable solution to quickly and safely connect to a portable generator for standby power. The SPQ cam-lock (SPQCL) tap box design incorporates cam-lock receptacles for generator connection and the capabilities to be wired back to the standby power disconnect in the electrical distribution equipment. The SPQ lug-lug (SPQTB) tap box provides the capabilities to connect to a portable generator and the generator breaker cables using mechanical lugs in lieu of the cam-lock connectors.

The SPQ Cam-Lock Box is:

The SPQ Lug-Lug Box is:

  • 36 in. (915 mm) high

  • 30 in. (762 mm) wide

  • 16 in. (407 mm) deep

  • 36 in. (915 mm) high

  • 30 in. (762 mm) wide

  • 13 in. (330 mm) deep

Submetering Integrated Power Center

The Submetering Integrated Power Center (IPC) is an ideal solution for multi-tenant or departmental metering applications within office towers, condominiums, apartment buildings, shopping centers, and other multi-user environments. The Submetering IPC combines the panel with breakers, the PowerLogic EM4800 multi-circuit energy meter and the associated CTs in a factory-assembled and pre-wired solution saving significant space and on-site installation time. Submetering IPC sections are:

  • 10.5 in. (267 mm) deep, and

  • vary in width and height depending on the application

Integrated Power Center 2

The newest addition to the family of Integrated Equipment products, the Integrated Power Center 2 (IPC2™) provides maximum flexibility to meet customers' specifications. Features include those found in the IPC and are provided in a free-standing enclosure that can be front and rear aligned when transformers are included. The IPC2 family is available as seismically-qualified. Enclosure options include NEMA 1, NEMA 1 with driphood and NEMA 3R. IPC2 sections are:

  • 91.5 in. (2324 mm) high, and

  • vary in width and depth depending on customer specifications

Integrated Power Center 2 Transformer Combo

Ideally suited for projects having both 480Y/277V and 208Y/120V requirements. Available as a stand-alone solution or can be incorporated into an MPS, IPC or IPC2 lineup. The standard 42" wide x 24" deep footprint will decrease space requirements by 40% or more. A typical IPC2 Transformer Combo includes two panels in the upper cells and a transformer in the bottom cell. Other upper cell options include contactors, individually mounted circuit breakers, ATS's, equipment spaces and power metering/monitoring solutions. The IPC2 Transformer Combo is available as seismically qualified.Enclosure options include NEMA 1, NEMA 1 with driphood and NEMA 3R. IPC2 Transformer Combo sections are:

  • 91.5 in. (2324 mm) high, and

  • vary in width and depth depending on the transformer kVA

Additional savings are realized on installation, material costs and material handling, as shown in the table below.

IPC2 Transformer Combo—Estimated Savings  [1]



Transformer Combo

Savings Realized

Estimated Installation Hours





Associated pipe, wire and fittings

Associated pipe, wire and fittings

No. of Pieces Handled




The IPC2 Transformer Combo has been recognized by the electrical industry by winning the following awards:

  • 2006 INNOVATION Award given by the Electrical Contracting Products magazine

  • 2006 Product of the Year Gold Medal Award given by the Consulting/Specifying Engineer magazine


  1. Based on an NF 480 V panel, 75 kVA transformer, NQ 240 V panel installation.

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