Version 002.300.006

New Features

  • Dahlander control mode is added when Dahlander Control Enabled is selected as Yes.

  • Certificate Manager is added to configure the security certificate to the TeSys island module.

  • Cybersecurity improvements.

  • When bus coupler is in fallback IP, there will be no duplicate IP address check.

Bugs Fixed

  • Transition between states did not reset avatar logic inputs.

  • Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) caused major fault or failure in Ethernet service if routed through another TeSys island module.

  • Bus coupler did not go into power failure mode when powered by 12 V signal.

  • Voltage asset information from Voltage Interface Module (VIM) had incorrect scaling.

  • DTM accessories were not correct for size three starters (displayed the size of 1 kits).

  • Total active power and total reactive power for system avatar include avatars without Energy Monitoring Enabled.

  • Detected frequency based on the A-C voltage instead of A-N voltage when configured for single-phase.

Known Issues

  • Local mode status has not worked for Conveyor One Direction - SIL Stop, W. Cat 1/2 and Conveyor Two Directions - SIL Stop, W. Cat 1/2.

  • Load from Device does not work when there are more than 16 SIL starters in the configuration.

    This issue exists in all the previous TeSys island firmware packages.

    Workaround: Save the configurations in SoMove or EcoStruxure Machine Expert software and connect to the device without using Load from Device.

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