Combine Connection Manager and other Tasks

The Connection Manager dialog is modeless, meaning it does not lock your interface while open. This allows you to combine tasks as a part of a larger workflow. For example:

  • Fiber Traces: While working in Connection Manager, you can see all the fiber connections at a particular location, for example at a splice case or patch location. However, you might also want to know the extent of the connected fibers beyond that one point. Because Connection Manager is modeless, you can run a Fiber Trace, OTDR Trace, or Possible Paths Trace while viewing or even editing connections.

    For example, in the following image the user has just made a new connection for port 1. To verify connectivity throughout the fiber network, the user can run a trace off the same port while Connection Manager is open.

  • Sketching New Cables: If you are installing new fiber optic cables, you can sketch them on the map while Connection Manager is open. After refreshing the dialog, you can then make fiber connections all within the same workflow.

    For example, here the user is viewing connections at an existing splice case:

    Then, the user sketches a new cable terminating at the same splice case.

    After clicking the splice case once with the Connection Manager, the dialog refreshes and immediately presents the new cable and its fibers, ready for new connections:

  • Run Reports: You can run any of the fiber reports while Connection Manager is open. It might be particularly helpful to run a Patch Panel Connection report if re-configuring connections at a patch location, or a Splice Report if working at a splice case.

  • Sketching Other Features that do not Split the Cable: While Connection Manager is open, you can sketch non-fiber features. Further, you can sketch fiber features that do not split the cable. For example, slack loops snap to cables, but do not split them.

IMPORTANT: While Connection Manager is open, you are not able to sketch features that split the fiber optic cable, such as splice cases. In the interface, you are able to add a splice case to your Targets tab and attempt to snap it to a cable. However, the splice case is not sketched or saved. It does not appear on the map. You do not receive a message stating that it is unable to sketch the splice case.

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