Internationalized Numbering Format

You can alter this code to accommodate the French formatting standard:

    <xsl:decimal-format name="dformat"
                        grouping-separator=" "/>

Then adjust the pattern format (pformat variable) to match the new separator values:

    <xsl:variable name="pformat"
                  select="'### ###,##'"/>

Making this change causes values in the Glass Report to display in the following example format: 2 395,25.

For internationalizing the Glass Report, that is all you need to change.

For internationalizing the Fiber Trace Report, you must complete not only changes to the decimal separator, grouping separator, and pattern format variable, but also to additional configuration. This involves locating every further instance of dformat (other than those described above) and adjusting the decimal or grouping separator in those variables.

Following the example above (changing the report to accommodate the French formatting standard), you need to change the code as follows so that the order for the report, and the new numbering format, display properly:

        <td class="length">
          <xsl:value-of select="format-number($length, '### ##0,##',
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