Set Availability/Unavailability Along Circuit

Previously, when you created a circuit, Fiber Manager recounted how many strands were available on each cable traversed by the circuit.

Now you are able to opt in or opt out of that functionality. In Circuit Manager, toward the lower left of the window is the Set all along circuit to... with a drop-down menu of Available and Unavailable options. This setting works in conjunction with Update availability along circuit path in Fiber User Settings.

Set to Available

Set to Unavailable

TIP: Fiber counts are not updated unless the Update availability along circuit path option is checked in Fiber User Settings.

This setting controls whether the Available attribute on every fiber strand along this circuit gets changed to the value chosen in the Circuit Manager window (Available or Unavailable). Leave this unchecked if you are not concerned with this type of cable count.

When this option is checked, the settings for the logged-in user and database are saved.

  • If your utility makes use of the cable attribute that shows how many of its strands are currently available, always keep the Fiber User Settings > Update availability along circuit path setting checked.

  • If your utility doesn’t use that attribute, then we recommend keeping the Fiber User Settings > Update availability along circuit path setting unchecked to improve performance.

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