DUG_IR Converter_CLP-01

Example of an automation

This demonstration shows you how to create an automation to turn on the AC when there is temperature rise.
  1. Go to Automation > + to create an automation.
  2. Tap Edit name, enter the name of the automation and tap Save.
    TIP: You can choose the cover image that represents your automation by tapping .
  3. Tap Add Condition > When weather changes > Outdoor Temperature.
  4. Set the required outdoor temperature using the slider.
  5. Tap Add task > Run the device and select the Air conditioner IR controlled device remote.
  6. Tap to turn on the AC and use -/+ to adjust the required AC temperature and tap.

  7. Tap Next.
  8. In the Automation Settings page, tap Save.

    Once the automation is saved, it is visible on the Automation tab. You can tap the toggle switch on the automation to enable it.
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