DUG_IR Converter_CLP-01

Pairing device manually

Follow the steps to pair the device manually:
  1. On Home page, tap +.
  2. Tap and select the required Wiser Hub on the slide-up menu.
  3. Select an option to add the device (A):
    • Add Device with Install Code
    • Add Device without Install Code

    TIP: It is highly recommended to add the device with install code.
  4. To pair the device with install code, tap Add Device with Install Code to display the slide-up menu. Select any one of the options (B):
    • Scan Install Code - you can scan the device for the install code
    • Enter Install Code Manually - you can manually enter the install code from the device
    After pairing the device with install code, proceed to Step 6.

  5. To pair the device without install code, tap Add Device without Install Code.
  6. Short press the S/R button 3 times (< 0,5 s).

    The LED blinks orange.
  7. In the app, select Confirm LED is flashing orange and tap Start configuration (C).

  8. After a few seconds, a solid green LED indicates that the device is successfully paired to the Gateway/Hub.
  9. Once the device is added in the app, tap Done.
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