Masterpact MTZ2/MTZ3 Device Identification

The Masterpact MTZ2/MTZ3 device can be identified in the following ways:

  • Faceplate label on device

  • QR code on the Micrologic X control unit

  • Identification labels on the device and on the cradle

  1. Product identification label

  2. Product checked label

  3. Accessory voltages label

  4. Faceplate Label

  5. QR code

Masterpact MTZ2/MTZ3 Product Identification Label





Product code

The product code represents the complete configuration of a Masterpact MTZ circuit breaker or switch. The product code:

  • Is automatically generated for each Masterpact device after completing the configuration by using the ACE configuration tool.

  • Appears on the invoice and on the delivery documents as well as on the Masterpact device and packaging labels.


Schneider Electric internal identification number


Description of device

The following characteristics are specified:

  • Range

  • Rating

  • Performance level

  • Number of poles

  • Control unit type


Certification Logos

Logos of the mandatory certification of the device.


Device serial number

Masterpact MTZ2/MTZ3 Product Checked Label

  1. The device serial number (SN)

  2. The device test date code

Masterpact MTZ2/MTZ3 Accessory Side Label

The accessory side label gives the accessories which have been installed in the device, and the voltages of the installed accessories which need to be connected to a power supply.

Masterpact MTZ2/MTZ3 Faceplate Label

The faceplate label with the device information is located on the front cover of the device.

Circuit Breaker Faceplate

Switch Faceplate

  1. Device size and rated current x 100 A

  2. Device type symbol

  3. Type of device: circuit breaker or switch

  4. Frame size

  5. Frequency

  6. Standard

  7. Interrupting ratings

  8. Temperature rating

  9. Performance level

  10. Place for IP address sticker

Masterpact MTZ2/MTZ3 QR Code

When the QR code on the front face of a Micrologic X control unit is scanned with a smartphone running a QR code reader and connected to the internet, the Go2SE landing page is displayed (see Go2SE Landing Page). The landing page displays information about the device and a list of menus.

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