How Electric Tracing Works

ArcFM Electric Tracing is designed to help visualize and inspect the topology and normal switching state of an electric distribution network. Outage management, system planning, design, analysis, and construction are all areas in which the electric trace tasks can be utilized. In addition, the electric trace tasks are an indispensable aid in verifying and troubleshooting electric network data with respect to topology, phase designations, and switch status.

Although ArcFM Electric Tracing is primarily designed to reflect the normal switching state of the electric network, most of the tools and options from Esri’s Utility Network Analysis extension remain available to introduce temporary alterations of the network for study with ArcFM’s electric trace tasks (e.g. create and manipulate barriers, trace only on selected or unselected features, etc.).

IMPORTANT: Electric tracing shares a great deal of its functionality with Feeder Manager. Schneider Electric strongly recommends configuring Feeder Manager to enable electric traces. It is possible to perform electric tracing without configuring Feeder Manager. However, be warned that if you choose to configure electric tracing without Feeder Manager, some traces will be disabled and performance may be decreased.

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