Many-to-One Relate

A relate in which many records in one table are related to a single record in another table.


An abstract representation of the physical features of a portion of the Earth's surface graphically displayed on a planar surface. Maps display signs, symbols, and spatial relationships among the features. They typically emphasize, generalize, and omit certain features from the display to meet design objectives (e.g., railroad features might be included in a transportation map but omitted from a highway map).

Map Display

A graphic representation of the map on the computer screen.

Map Document

In ArcMap, the disk-based representation of a map. Map documents can be printed or embedded into other documents. Map documents have an .mxd file extension.

Map Element

A graphic component, such as a scale bar, North arrow, or title, that helps describe the geographic data on the map.

Map Grid

A map grid is a collection of map sheets that share the same Map Grid Name.

Map Inset

A map inset allows the user to designate a portion of the map as the source frame and show a zoomed version of the source in a destination frame in the Layout view. You may also designate an external file as the source. A map inset is an element which is placed in the Data view.

Map Production Primary Display Field

This is the primary display field of the layer selected in the Map Set Features field on the ArcFM Map Production window. The Map Production Primary Display Field is used with Custom Text Elements.

Map Scale

The reduction needed to display a representation of the Earth's surface on a map. A statement of a measure on the map and the equivalent measure on the Earth's surface, often expressed as a representative fraction of distance, such as 1:24,000 (one unit of distance on the map represents 24,000 of the same units of distance on the Earth). Map scale can also be expressed as a statement of equivalence using different units; for example, 1 inch = 1 mile or 1 inch = 2,000 feet.

Map Sheet

A map sheet is an individual polygon indicating a specific area of the map to be plotted using ArcFM Map Production.


A representation of reality used to simulate a process, understand a situation, predict an outcome, or analyze a problem. A model is structured as a set of rules and procedures, including spatial modeling tools available in a geographic information system (GIS).

Model Name

Assigned to feature classes and fields to correspond with name in UML model.

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