Page Extent

Defines a rectangular portion of the graphics page to be displayed.

Page Template

In ArcMap, a type of map document that provides a quick way to create a new map. Templates can contain data, a custom interface, and a predefined layout that arranges map elements, such as North arrows, scale bars, and logos, on the virtual page. Map templates have an .mxt file extension.

Page Units

The units-for example, inches, centimeters, or points-in which features are displayed on the map.


To move the viewing window up, down, or sideways to display areas in a geographic data set which, at the current viewing scale, lie outside the viewing window.

Pending Approval

State that indicates a session or design has been submitted to an Approval Officer by a Designer or Editor. Only a user with an Approval Officer role may view Pending Approval sessions and designs.


Assigned to users to allow them access to designs, work requests, and sessions in specific states and to allow them to perform various transitions.

Personal Geodatabase

A geodatabase, usually on the same network as the client application, (for example, ArcMap) that supports one editor at a time. Personal geodatabases are managed in a Microsoft Jet Engine database.


  1. A single x,y coordinate that represents a geographic feature too small to be displayed as a line or area; for example, the location of a mountain peak or a building location on a small-scale map.

  2. A coverage feature class used to represent point features or to identify polygons.

It is not possible to have point and polygon features in the same coverage. When representing point features, the x,y location of the label point describes the location of the feature. When identifying polygons, the label point can be located anywhere within the polygon. Attributes for points are stored in a table.


A coverage feature class used to represent areas. A polygon is defined by the arcs that make up its boundary and a point inside its boundary for identification. Polygon attributes (PAT) describe the geographic feature they represent.


A live view of GIS data in ArcCatalog. You can pan and zoom the preview, query features, and create thumbnail images to store in metadata.

Primary Key

  1. One or more attributes whose values uniquely identify a row in a database table.

  2. Used to create a relationship class, the primary key resides in the origin object class.

To join two object classes together, the primary key and foreign key must share the same values.

Process Flow

The path of a design, work request, or session from inception to completion.

Process Framework Admin Tool

Administrative tool used to manage users and roles for Session Manager and Workflow Manager.

Process Manager Framework

The platform on which Workflow Manager, Session Manager and the Process Framework Administration Tool are built.

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