Edit Tasks

Edit Tasks allow you to customize the way a feature is added to the map. Edit tasks are visible in the Task list on Esri's Editor toolbar. Some edit tasks are used by ArcFM tools and shouldn't be executed independently.



Used by Feature Classes/Tools

ArcFM Dot to Dot

Used within the Template Tool to provide spans that connect several end points. Incorporates ArcMap sketch tools.

Designer Template Tool

ArcFM Linear Point

Creates a new point feature at the location of the last point defined in an edit sketch. All edit sketch placement functionality is available.


ArcFM Manual Angle Setter

Allows a user to manually set the rotation of a point feature using ArcMap sketch tools.

point feature classes that have the SYMBOLROTATION field model name assigned

ArcFM Radial

Used with the Template Tool to connect spans (secondary overhead conductor, for example) from the start point (transformer) to several end points (service points) when the user sketches a single line.

Designer Template Tool

Create ArcFM Feature

Executed each time a user places a feature using the Features tab.


Create ArcFM Map Inset

Creates window to display selected portion of map or linked file.

MapInset feature class(es)

Create CM Cross Section Anno

Creates cross section annotation for Conduit Manager.

Conduit Manager

Create CM Leader Line Anno

Creates leader line annotation for Conduit Manager.

Conduit Manager

Create Duct Connection

Allows the user to place a duct connector line on an underground facility diagram.

Conduit Manager (UFM)

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