The following links provide lists of autoupdaters available with the ArcFM Solution install. This page provides explanations of some of the more complex AUs.

TIP: Autoupdaters and related unit records:  Autoupdaters that are meant to keep attribute values synchronized between a feature and its related unit records (such as a fuse and fuse unit) must always be assigned in pairs, such that all editing possibilities are covered. While one autoupdater must be assigned to the OnUpdate event for the feature class (or else for the unit object class, if the desired propagation direction is from unit to feature), a second autoupdater must be assigned to the OnRelationshipCreated and OnRelationshipDeleted events on the relationship class that joins the features to their units.

Length Autoupdaters

There are four similar attribute autoupdaters in the ArcFM Solution:

  • ArcFM Length Measured Domain

  • ArcFM Length Single

  • ArcFM Length Double

  • ArcFM Length Integer

All of these autoupdaters perform the same function. They update the Measured Length field with the value in the Shape.Len (Shape_Length in Access) field. The difference between them is when they are used.

If the Measured Length domain is assigned to the field, then the ArcFM Length Measured Domain AU is the only one available. If there is no domain assigned to the field, the ArcFM Length Measured Domain AU is available as well as the Length AU that corresponds with the fields data type. For example, if the field's data type is Double, then the ArcFM Length Double AU is available. If a domain other than Measured Length is assigned to the field, then none of the Length AUs are available.

Split Autoupdaters

ArcFM provides several autoupdaters that split linear features. To better understand how these autoupdaters work, it is important to understand how a linear feature is split. Prior to version 10.1.1, ArcFM autoupdaters didn't break the original linear feature. Instead, it performed the split by deleting the original conductor and creating two new ones in its place.

As of 10.1.1, ArcFM uses the SplitWithUpdate method instead. It updates the shape of the existing feature and creates a new feature using the default attribute values for the feature class.

Some combo autoupdaters combine the split autoupdater with a relate autoupdater. In this case, the related object is saved before the split and related to the new conductor feature after the split.

TIP: The ArcFM Segment Split autoupdater may be assigned to point features that participate in the geometric network.
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