Primary Overhead Electric Line Segment

Overhead electric line segments carry electric current and are supported by structures including power poles, H-frames, and towers. The PriOHElectricLineSegment class inherits the attributes of ElectricComplexEdge and ElectricLineSegment.

The CONDUCTOR model name designates the feature class as a conductor. This is part of the basic ArcFM configuration.

The DESIGNBANK model name is used by the Work Function tool in Designer. It designates a banked feature in the network.

The ELECTRICNETWORKEDGE model name is used to configure electric tracing in ArcFM Viewer for ArcGIS Engine. Assign to all Electric Network Edge feature classes that participate in electric tracing.

Structural Analysis uses the OVERHEADCONDUCTOR model name.

The PRIMARYCONDUCTOR model name is used by Structural Analysis as well as the Phase on Transformer Bank QA Validation rule. It is also used by the ArcFM Inherit Nominal Voltage and ArcFM Inherit Operating Voltage autoupdaters.

The ArcFM Segment Split autoupdater requires that the linear feature have the SPLITTARGET model name assigned. When a point feature (with this AU assigned) is placed on a linear feature, this AU looks for the SPLITTARGET model name. If it exists, it splits the line into two features and snaps the point feature between the two new linear features.

PrimaryOverheadElectricLineSegment inherits attributes from the ElectricLineSegment abstract class. Any model names assigned to ElectricLineSegment should also be assigned to the PrimaryOverheadElectricLineSegment class.

Associations: None

Subtypes: Single Phase Primary Overhead, Two Phase Primary Overhead, and Three Phase Primary Overhead. The use of subtypes is optional. The Subtype attribute can be removed if subtypes aren't used in the model.



Field Name

Field Type




Code indicating configuration of conductors; domain values include Compact, Horizontal, Spacer, etc.



Utility-specific order or configuration of phases present on conductor.

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