Transformer Bank

Transformers transfer electrical energy from one circuit to another circuit usually with changed values of voltage and current in the process. The rated voltage (phase-to-ground) of the winding is usually the same as the neutral voltage. The ratio of transformation is changed by increasing or decreasing the number of active turns in one winding with respect to another winding. Positions are always numbered sequentially starting with "1" at the lowest tap position and progressing through the highest tap position.

Banked transformers are tied together through secondary mains and are supplied by the same primary feeder. Banked transformers can reduce lamp flicker caused by starting motors, decrease capacity required, produce better average voltage along the secondary, and have greater flexibility for load growth. Transformer kVA (kilovolt-amperes) describes its ability to support a load at a given voltage. Rated kVA of transformer banks is the sum of the rated kVA of its related units.

The TransformerBank abstract class inherits attributes from the ElectricDevice class. All model names assigned to the ElectricDevice class should be assigned to the TransformerBank class as well.

Associations: OpenPoint, TransformerUnit

Subtypes: None

Model Names: None


Field Name

Field Type



long integer

Neutral-to-ground reactance of ground of Transformer. Designer's Secondary Circuit Analysis uses the GROUNDREACTANCE model name on this field.


long integer

Neutral-to-ground resistance of ground of Transformer. Designer's Secondary Circuit Analysis uses the GROUNDRESISTANCE model name on this field.


long integer

Ground reactance of primary side in ohms. HIGHSIDEGROUNDREACTANCE


long integer

Ground resistance of primary side in ohms. HIGHSIDEGROUNDRESISTANCE



Code indicating type of overcurrent protection used at primary side of Transformer; domain values include Breaker, Bayonet Fuse, Dry Well Canister, None, Oil Immersed, Weak Link.



Provides text or annotation about related transformer units. The Minerville Update Transformer Text autoupdater uses the LABELTEXT model name on this field.



Code indicating designation of location including Delivery Point, Generator, Primary Meter.



Magnetizing reactance in ohms.



Magnetizing resistance in ohms.

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