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Creating an automation

An automation allows you to group multiple actions that are usually done together, triggered automatically or at scheduled times. By using the Wiser app, you can create automations based on your needs.
  1. On the Home page, tap the .
  2. Go to Automation > + to create an automation.
  3. Tap Edit name , enter the name of the automation (A) and tap Save.
    TIP: You can choose the cover image that represents your automation by tapping .

  4. Tap Any condition is met to select any one of the condition type (B):
    • All conditions are met: the automation is triggered when all the conditions are met.
    • Any condition is met: the automation is triggered when at least one condition is met.

  5. Tap Add Condition to display the slide-up menu.
  6. In the Add Condition menu, you can do either or all of the following options (C):
    • When weather changes: select the various weather settings.
    • Schedule: set the time and day.
    • When device status changes: select the device and it’s function.
    NOTE: You can add one or more conditions using .

  7. Tap Add task to display the slide-up menu you can do either or all of the following options (D):
    • Run the device: select the devices that you want to trigger.
    • Moment or Automation: select the moment which you want to trigger or select the automation that you want to enable or disable.
    • Send notification: turn on notification for the automation.
    • Delay : set the delay time.
    NOTE: You can add one or more actions using .

  8. Tap Run the device > Iconic Fan Controller > Fan Speed and select a function and then tap Save > Next.
  9. Tap on Effective period to set the time range for the automation. You can select any one of the following (E):
    • All-day - 24 hours
    • Daytime - From sunrise to sunset
    • Night - From sunset to sunrise
    • Custom - User defined time period

  10. Set all actions and conditions, then tap Save.
    Automation is now available under Automation tab. Use toggle switch to enable/disable automation.
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