DUG_AC Fan controller_CLP-00

Zigbee fan controller settings

Using the Wiser app, LED behavior on the fan controller can be set.

  1. On the Home page, tap All devices > Iconic Fan Controller.

  2. On the device control panel page, tap Settings.

LED indicator mode

You can select the LED indicator mode for easy identification of the fan controller status.

Tap LED Indicator Mode and select a mode (A):

Always On: the LED(s) on the fan controller is always on.

On with timeout but acts as a locator: all LED(s) glow in lesser brightness after the time out.

On with timeout: When the fan controller is operated, respective LED(s) glow for 5 s.

For information on LED during each modes, refer to LED indication.

Orientation settings

The Fan Controller can be installed in 4 different orientations. This feature allows the user/installer to select the orientation of the low/medium/high speed LEDs to maintain the same sequence across different fan controllers.

Using the app, you can choose the orientation.

Tap LED Indicator Orientation and select an orientation:

Horizontal Left

Horizontal Right

Vertical Top

Vertical Bottom

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