DUG_AC Fan controller_CLP-00

Pairing Bluetooth device

Using the Wiser app, you can pair the device with smartphone to access and control the device.
NOTE: When pairing the Bluetooth device with the Wiser app, be within a range of 8 to 10 m of the module. Range can be affected by wall thickness and construction materials.
  1. On Home page, tap + then tap Iconic A.C. fan controller BLE .
  2. Press and hold the push-button for > 8 s to enter pairing mode.
    LED blinks red/green per second
  3. In the app, select Confirm the indicator blinking rapidly and tap Start Configuration (A).
    NOTE: Enable permissions to nearby devices and Bluetooth for scanning the device.
  4. Tap to select and add the device from the list and then tap Next > Done.
    NOTE: The device can be paired with max. 8 smartphones. To pair an additional phone, you must unpair one of the existing phones. Refer managed paired phones.
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