DUG_AC Fan controller_CLP-00

About the device

Iconic Connected AC Fan Speed Controller, Zigbee/Bluetooth (hereinafter referred to as fan controller) can control up to two fans and in three steps, you can adjust the fan speed to achieve your desired comfort. You can also control the fan using Wiser app.
  • Fan controller Zigbee (41ECSFWMZ-VW)
    Connect the fan controller to a Wiser Hub.

  • Fan controller Bluetooth (41ECSFWM-VW)
    Connect the fan controller directly to your mobile device via Bluetooth.

Operating elements

  1. Push-button

  2. Status LED (Amber, Green, and Red LED)

  3. Speed indicating LEDs

  • The LED position will change when the fan controller is installed in a different orientation. To maintain same LED position with change in orientation, refer to the orientation settings.

  • For information on LED during each control stage, refer LED indication.

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