Installation Procedure for UPS with Maintenance Bypass Cabinet

Hazard of electric shock, explosion, or arc flash
The UPS must be secured against movement. Perform one of the following once the UPS is in its final position:
  • Lower the leveling feet until the casters no longer have contact with the floor, OR
  • Reinstall the front transportation bracket (870-32577) on the UPS and mount it to the floor, OR
  • Install the seismic anchoring kit.
Failure to follow these instructions will result in death or serious injury.
  1. Follow the maintenance bypass cabinet installation manual for seismic anchoring, mechanical installation, interconnection, power cabling, and signal cable routing for the UPS and the maintenance bypass cabinet. Specifications for the UPS system are listed in the UPS installation manual.
  2. Connect the Signal Cables.
  3. Connect the Signal Cables from Switchgear and Third-Party Auxiliary Products.
  4. Connect the Modbus Cables.
  5. Only for external synchronization: Connect Signal Cables for External Synchronization.
  6. Install the Power Module(s).
  7. Add Translated Safety Labels to Your Product.
  8. Final installation.
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