Configuring insulation alarm parameters

  1. Navigate to Menu > Settings > Ins. Alarm.

    The INS. ALARM screen displays with the channel grid and a flashing dot on the channel 1 grid. This indicates the channel 1 is selected.

  2. Perform any one of the following:

    • To modify the value for channel 1, press button.

    • To modify the value for other channels, press button to navigate to the desired channel and press button.

    • To modify the value for the all channels, press button and press button.

    The INS. ALARM screen displays.

    For individual channels:

    For all channels:

  3. Modify the parameters value as per the following table:
    NOTE: Use the contextual menu buttons to modify the parameters value.
    Parameter Allowed Values Default Value Description
    Ins. Alarm 0.2...200 kΩ 10 kΩ Select the value of insulation alarm threshold.
    Ins. Al. Delay 0 s...120 mn 0 s Select the value of time delay for insulation alarm.
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