Configuring network parameters

  1. Navigate to Menu > Settings > Network.

    The NETWORK screen displays.

  2. Modify the parameters value as per the following table:
    NOTE: Use the contextual menu buttons to modify the parameters value.
    Parameter Allowed Values Default Value Description
    • Power C.

    • Control C

    Power C

    • Select Power C for industrial or marine applications that contain power loads and power electronics such as speed drives, inverters, or rectifiers.

    • Select Control C for auxiliary control circuits used to drive power systems which contain sensitive loads such as PLCs, IOs, or sensors.

    • 50 Hz

    • DC

    • 400 Hz

    • 60 Hz

    50 Hz

    Select the rated frequency of the monitored power system.
    • 5s

    • 40s

    • 400s


    Select the filtering time depending on the application.
    • None

    • VA1T


    Select the adaptor if the network voltage is greater than the rated network voltage of the device.
    Channel Name

    The allowed characters are:

    • A to Z

    • a to z

    • 0 to 9

    • Special characters (Hyphen-minus (-), Slash (/), Percent(%), Full stop (.), (blank))

    CHANNEL – 1 to CHANNEL – 12 for 12 channels

    Set the channel name of your preference for all 12 channels.
    NOTE: The channel name can be set only in English.

    The length of the channel name is automatically adjusted depending on the character selection. For example, if the channel name contains only the character “W”, then the maximum length is 8 characters and if the channel name contains only the character “I”, then the maximum length is 18 characters.

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