Go2SE Landing Page

Go2SE Presentation

When the QR code on the front face of a Micrologic X control unit is read with a smartphone running a QR code reader and connected to the Internet, the Go2SE landing page is displayed. The landing page displays information about the device and a list of menus.

Go2SE Landing Page Description

The landing page is accessible from Android and iOS smartphones. It displays the same list of menus with slight differences in presentation.

The following example shows the landing page displayed on an Android smartphone:

  1. Commercial reference of Micrologic X control unit

  2. Type of Micrologic X control unit

  3. Serial number of Micrologic X control unit

  4. Landing page menus. See the following menu descriptions for details.

Go2SE Characteristics

Select “Go2SE Characteristics” to access a product datasheet with detailed information about the Micrologic X control unit.

Go2SE Download Documents

Select “Go2SE Download Documents” to access documentation, including the following:

  • Micrologic X Control Unit - User Guide

  • Masterpact MTZ1 Circuit Breakers and Switches - User Guide

  • Masterpact MTZ2/MTZ3 Circuit Breakers and Switches - User Guide

  • Instruction sheets for Masterpact MTZ devices and Micrologic X control units

Go2SE Download Customer Care App

Select “Go2SE Download Customer Care App” to access the Schneider Electric customer care mobile application mySchneider that can be downloaded on Android and iOS smartphones. The customer care application offers self-service instructions and easy access to expert support and information.

Go2SE Download EcoStruxure Facility Expert App

Select “Go2SE Download EcoStruxure Facility Expert App” to access the EcoStruxure Facility Expert mobile application that can be downloaded on Android and iOS smartphones. For smartphone compatibility, check on an application store.

The EcoStruxure Facility Expert mobile application is designed to:

  • Make operations simpler, more effective, and more convenient.

  • Make processes and assets more reliable.

Go2SE Safe Repository

Select “Go2SE Safe Repository” to access a web service allowing documentation linked to assets to be consulted, stored, and shared in a Schneider Electric environment. Access to the safe repository is restricted to authorized users.

Safe Repository gives access to the bill of materials of the Masterpact MTZ device.

Go2SE Download Masterpact MTZ Mobile App

Select “Go2SE Download Masterpact MTZ Mobile App” to access the Masterpact MTZ Mobile App that can be downloaded and installed on Android and iOS smartphones.

Go2SE Purchase Additional Features

Select “Go2SE Purchase Additional Features” to access the GoDigital marketplace webpage. Digital Modules are available for purchase in the marketplace.

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