DUG_Push-button Module, 1-gang/2-gang_WH-04

Manual operation

You can control the switch, dimmer, and shutter manually using the push-button.

Switch: With the switch insert 1 rocker, you can switch the load on/off.

Dimmer: With the dimmer insert 1 rocker,, you can switch the light on/off and dim the lights.

Shutter: With the shutter insert, you can move the shutter up or down and adjust the slat position.

  • Long press (> 0,5 s) to move the blind up or down (A).

    • Press (ʌ) to open the blind.

    • Press (v) to close the blind.

  • Shutter: Short press (<0,5 s) to stop the moving blind (B).
  • Shutter with tilting slats: Short press (<0,5 s) to adjust the slat position (C).

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