DUG_Push-button Module, 1-gang/2-gang_WH-04


Using the Wiser Home app, you can rename the 1-gang dimmer, edit or assign a new location, identify, and delete the 1-gang dimmer from the system.
NOTE: Configuring the device shown is for a 1-gang dimmer, and the same can be done for a 2-gang dimmer.
  1. On the Home page, tap .

  2. Tap Devices > Lights > Dimmer to locate to the Device Details screen.


Device Name: Tap to change the name of the device.


Location: Tap to assign the Dimmer to any room (such as living room, bedroom, kitchen etc). Refer to Setting the device location for more details on how to set the location.


RL-LED Mode: You can enable RL-LED Mode if the 1-gang dimmer is connected to an LED lamp. It is recommended using this mode when you experience flickering of the bulb. Verify the lamp manufacturer’s specifications and the reduced power of the dimmer.


LED Indicator Behaviour: Tap to set the LED indicator behaviour of the dimmer as per your preference. Refer to Setting up the LED Indicator Behaviour for detailed information on each options.


Power On Behaviour: Tap to set the default brightness level of the dimmer when it is turned on. Refer to Setting up the Power On Behaviour for detailed information on each options.


Minimum Brightness and Maximum Brightness: This setting lets you set limits on the maximum and minimum brightness of the connected load. This is done to avoid flickering and switching off the LED.
Drag the slider bar to increase or decrease the Minimum Brightness and Maximum Brightness.


Identify: Tap to identify the device.

  • This feature flashes the 1-gang dimmer LED, so you can identify the actual device. It also dims up/down the dimmer brightness.

  • The 1-gang dimmer LED will continue to flash until you tap OK.


Delete: Tap to remove the device from the system.


Zigbee Signal Strength Indicator: Zigbee Signal Strength indicator which displays the current signal strength of the device.

  • Good Signal (between 0 & -54dBm)

  • Normal Signal (between -54 & -79dBm)

  • Poor Signal (<-79dBm)

  • No Signal (device is offline)

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