DUG_Push-button Module, 1-gang/2-gang_WH-04

Creating an automation

Follow the steps to create an automation:
  1. On the Home page, tap .
  2. Tap Automation > to create an automation.
  3. Tap and choose an icon that best represents your automation.
  4. Enter a name of the automation (A) and select any of the following conditions to meet (B).
    • All conditions: All conditions must be met to trigger an automation
    • Any condition: Any one of the condition must be met to trigger an automation.
  5. Tap Add conditions (C) and select any of the following (D):
    • Device status change (Select the device)
    • Away Mode (Enable or Disable)
    NOTE: Maximum 10 conditions can be added.
  6. Select a device (E) that will set the condition.
  7. Drag the sliding bar up/down to open/close the shutter or adjust the position as per need. Example shutter in Open or Closed state.
    NOTE: If Shutter with slat is selected, set the shutter as well as the slat tilt position.


  8. Tap Set.
    NOTE: To remove an added condition, swipe left and tap . Then add a new condition with the required parameters.
  9. To add an action, tap Then > Add an action and select any of the following (F):
    • Control a device: Select a device that you want to trigger.
    • Send notification: Turn on the notification for the automation.
    • Activate a moment: Select the moment that you want to trigger.
    • Maximum 10 actions can be added.

    • You can add one action in an automation; to add another action, you must create another automation.

  10. Select Main hall light (G) device and set an action on/off.
  11. Tap Set.
  12. Tap Save.
    The saved Automation is displayed on the Automation page. Tap the toggle switch to enable/disable the Automation.
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