DUG_Water Leakage Sensor_WH-02

About the device

The Wiser Water Leakage Sensor (hereinafter referred to as sensor) has two sensing pads at the bottom of the body that activates when water is present between the pads. The pads are close to the floor surface when the sensor is placed in its operating position.

When the sensor is connected to the Wiser Hub and detects water on the floor, the sensor sends out a sound alarm and reports the event to the app via Wiser Hub. The sound alarm stops when the sensor is removed from the water contact.

TIP: The water leakage sensor will sound an alarm even if it is not connected to the Wiser Hub .

Features of the sensor:

  • Detect water and triggers alarms, and passes the information to the Wiser Hub.

  • Sends the battery level and offline sensor status information to the Wiser Hub.

Operating elements

  1. Status LED

  2. Function key

  3. Sensing pads

  4. Battery cover screws

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