DUG_Water Leakage Sensor_WH-02

Example of an automation

This demonstration shows you how to create automation that turns off the smart plug connected to the washing machine when the sensor detects water leakage near the washing machine's floor.
  1. On the Home page, tap .
  2. Tap Automations > to create an automation.
  3. To add a condition, tap Add condition > Device status change > Water Leakage Sensor > Leak Detected > Set (A).

  4. To add action, tap Then > Add action an > Control a device > Smart Plug , tap (B) to turn off, then tap Set.
  5. You can choose the cover image that best represents your automation by tapping (C).
  6. Enter the name of the automation (D) and tap Save (E).
    NOTE: Once the automation is saved, it is visible on the Automation tab. You can tap the toggle switch on the automation to enable it.
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