Final Installation

  1. Reinstall the transparent plates on the transformer cabinets.
  2. Only for dual mains system: Remove the prepunched SSIB indicator light section on the upper front plate for the input transformer cabinet (SSIB).
  3. Reinstall the front plates on the transformer cabinets.
  4. Only for dual mains system: On the input transformer cabinet (SSIB), replace the UIB label with the SSIB label, add the indicator light label HSSIB, and replace the diagram label 885-92825 with the diagram label 885-92863. The labels are provided with GVLOPT010.
  5. Only for seismic anchoring: Mount the front anchoring brackets to the floor. Use appropriate hardware for the floor type – the hole diameter in the front anchoring brackets is ø16 mm. Minimum requirement is M12 strength grade 8.8 hardware.

    Front View of the Transformer Cabinets and the UPS

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