Installation Procedure for Bottom Cable Entry

Single Mains

Dual Mains

Tip hazard
Do not remove the transportation brackets from the maintenance bypass cabinet until it is time to anchor it to the floor or interconnect it with the UPS.
Failure to follow these instructions can result in injury or equipment damage.
  1. Follow the UPS manual to prepare the UPS for installation.
  2. Prepare the Maintenance Bypass Cabinet and the UPS for Cables.
  3. For system with conduit box: Install the Conduit Box
  4. Connect the Internal Power Cables.
  5. Install the Seismic Anchoring (Option).
  6. Connect the Power Cables in a Bottom Cable Entry System.
  7. Interconnect the UPS and the Maintenance Bypass Cabinet.
  8. Connect the Signal Cables.
  9. Final Installation.
  10. Follow the UPS installation manual to connect the power cables from the maintenance bypass cabinet in the UPS and to complete the rest of the UPS installation.
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