ERMS Engagement/Disengagement Using an ERMS Switch

Hazard of Arc Flash
Do not use the ERMS switch as a method to reduce the arc flash incident energy during the closing of the circuit breaker where control unit’s 24 Vdc power is applied after the circuit breaker is closed.
Failure to follow these instructions will result in death or serious injury.

The optional ERMS switch module (ESM) is used with an external lockable selector switch (supplied as part of kit LV851101SP) to engage or disengage the ERMS function. It is equipped with:

  • An input dedicated to the ERMS selector switch, with the following characteristics:
    - When the input is energized (i.e. ERMS switch is closed) , the ERMS function is disengaged.
    - When the input is not energized (i.e. ERMS switch is open), the ERMS function is engaged.

  • An output to activate an external pilot light when the ERMS function is engaged.

  • The ERMS digital module must be installed in the control unit for the ERMS function to operate properly.

NOTE: The Ecostruxure Power Device app can be used to indicate the status of the ERMS function (Engaged or Disengaged).
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