Secondary Injection Using EcoStruxure Power Commission Software

The ERMS protection function can be tested using EcoStruxure Power Commission software’s automatic trip curve test.

1. With the PC directly connected to the control unit's USB port and with EcoStruxure Power Commission software connected to the control unit, place the circuit breaker into ERMS mode by turning the physical ERMS switch to the "ON" state or engaging the function through the EcoStruxure Power Device app.

2. Verify that the ERMS banner is being displayed.

3. Press “Automatic trip tests”.

4. Select segment of the trip curve to be tested.

5. Press “RUN TEST”.

6. Read and understand notice.

7. Press “I UNDERSTAND”.

8. Enter level 3 or admin password.

9. Press “CONTINUE”.

10. Follow the posted steps to perform secondary digital injection testing.

11. Select “Report” from menu bar to obtain the test report information.

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