Fusible and Non-Fusible Overview

Class 3110

30–100 A Types DT, DTU (Series F)

30–100 A DT, DTU (Series F)

NEMA Type 1

  • Fusible (DT) and non-fusible (DTU) switches available

  • Manually-operated switch suitable for use in accordance with article 702 of the NEC, ANSI/NFPA 70

  • Standards: UL 98, Type KS1, CSA, and NOM

  • Modular design—switch handle, lock-plate, switch mechanism; line and load bases are field replaceable

  • UL Listed short circuit current ratings up to 200 kA (using with (fusible) or (non-fusible) Class R, J, or T fuses—see table for rating)

  • Load make/break rated

  • Horsepower rated

  • Dual cover interlock

  • May be padlocked ON (I) or OFF (O)

  • Lock-off accepts up to three padlocks

  • Side-opening door

  • Quick make / quick break mechanism

  • Meets NEMA requirements as heavy duty switch

  • Field-installed electrical interlock kits

  • Field-installed neutral assembly kits (2P and 3P switches)

  • UL Listed as suitable for use as service equipment

  • Supplied as standard for switching one load between two power sources, and may be field-converted to switch one power source between two loads.

30 (Series T4), 200–600 A Types 82,000 & 200 A DTU (Series E, A)

82,000 Line

NEMA Type 1

  • Non-fusible

  • Designed for manual transfer of one load between two power sources

  • UL Listed switches are suitable for use in accordance with Article 702 of the National Electrical Code, ANSI / NFPA 70

  • 82,000 and DTU double throw switches are continuous duty rated for their nameplate ampere rating

  • The 82,000 and DTU (Series E, A) switches are load make/break rated

  • UL Listed as suitable for use as service equipment

  • Horsepower rated only as footnoted

Field-Installable Accessories

  • Neutral

  • Electrical Interlock

  • Grounding Terminals

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