PowerPactTM M-Frame Plug-in Units with Basic Electronic Trip

Class 5600 / Refer to Catalog 5600CT9101

M-Frame Plug-In Units

M-Frame Circuit Breaker Plug-in Units with Adjustable Basic Electronic Trip Unit (ET 1.0) [1] [2] [3]

Frame Rating Ampere


G Interrupting Catalog Number[4]

J Interrupting Catalog Number[4]


3Ø3W + G

PTMG36800G( )

PTMJ36800G( )

3Ø4W + G

PTMG36800GN( )

PTMJ36800GN( )


  1. The ET 1.0 trip unit cannot be field replaced or have the long-time trip point setting adjusted.
  2. All these devices use bolt-on connection. It may be used only on busway with same number of poles. Not for use on 800 A copper busway. To complete the catalog number, replace the blank with an “H” for horizontal applications and “V” for vertical applications.
  3. All M-frame plug-in units are 800 A frame, and the trip setting can be adjusted to 300 A, 350 A, 400 A, 450 A, 500 A, 600 A, 700 A, or 800 A.
  4. For IP54 splash resistant construction, add an "M54" suffix.

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