DUG_Mureva EVlink_Socket_WH-02

Pairing the device

  • Make sure that the EV Socket is installed by an electrician.

  • Must use Mode 2 cable (max 16A - 3.7 kW) to charge your car from the EV Socket.

To pair the device:
  1. On the Home page, tap  .
  2. Tap Devices > >  Energy > Mureva EVlink Socket.
  3. On Mureva EVlink Socket Setup page, tap See more and read the instructions and then tap Next.
  4. Short press the push button 3 times.
    IMPORTANT: Once your device has been powered on, you will only have 5 minutes to set it up for cyber security reasons. Make sure you press the push-button within the specified time. If you have exceeded the time, refer to troubleshooting.
    Make sure the LED blinks amber. It takes few seconds for the device to join.

  5. Tap , enter a name of the device and tap Next and assign it to an existing room or a new room.
  6. Tap Next and disable the Device Lock (A) if required.
    NOTE: Device Lock is enabled by default. If disabled, anyone can turn on/off the socket via the local push-button or charge their vehicle.
  7. This step allows to choose the LED button behavior. You can either keep the light on or switch it off after 10 seconds. Tap (B) and select any one of the following to set the LED settings:
    • Default
    • Switch OFF after 10 seconds
  8. Tap Next.
    On successful pairing, the EV Socket will appear on the app's home page.

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