NSX MicroLogic 5/6 Firmware History

NSX MicroLogic 5/6 trip units are designed for:

  • ComPact NSX circuit breakers

  • PowerPact H-, J-, and L-frame circuit breakers

Each hardware version of an NSX MicroLogic 5/6 trip unit is available with one or more firmware versions (see table below). You can update an NSX MicroLogic 5/6 trip unit to the latest firmware version compatible with its hardware. For more information, refer to DOCA0153EN ComPact NSX MicroLogic 5/6 Release Note.

Date MicroLogic 5/6 hardware version MicroLogic 5/6 firmware version Availability
June 2018 HW 001.000.000 FW 001.003.000 Release for manufacturing
December 2016 HW 001.000.000 FW 001.002.002 Obsolete
December 2015 HW 15* FW 1.1.0 Obsolete
December 2014 HW 15 FW 1.0.3 Obsolete
July 2008 HW 15 FW 1.0.2 Obsolete

Example: MicroLogic 5 trip unit with firmware version 001.002.002 can be updated to firmware version 001.003.000, which is compatible with hardware version 001.000.000. The firmware of NSX MicroLogic 5/6 trip units with hardware version 15 or 15* cannot be updated.

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