MTZ MicroLogic X Firmware History

MTZ MicroLogic X control units are designed for:

  • MasterPact MTZ1 circuit breakers

  • MasterPact MTZ2/MTZ3 circuit breakers

Date MicroLogic X Firmware version Availability
March 2021 004.107.000 Release for manufacturing
October 2020 004.105.003 Obsolete
April 2020 004.105.000 Obsolete
December 2019 004.101.000 Obsolete
July 2019 003.012.000 Obsolete
March 2019 003.011.000 Obsolete
November 2018 002.000.004 Obsolete
April 2018 002.000.003 Obsolete
March 2018 002.000.002 Obsolete
December 2017 001.000.206 Obsolete
July 2017 001.000.202 Obsolete
December 2016 001.000.200 Obsolete
NOTE: This firmware history also applies to MicroLogic Xi control units. A MicroLogic Xi control unit is a MicroLogic X control unit without Bluetooth® Low Energy communication. The firmware versions of the MicroLogic X and MicroLogic Xi control units are the same from firmware version 004.105.003.

For more information, refer to DOCA0144EN MasterPact MTZ - MicroLogic X Control Unit - Firmware Release Note.

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