NSX MicroLogic 7 Firmware History

The new generation of NSX MicroLogic 7 trip units is designed for ComPacT NSX circuit breakers only.

NOTE: The information related to the new generation of MicroLogic 7 trip units in this document applies also to MicroLogic 7 trip units for ComPact NSX circuit breakers. The exceptions are mentioned wherever applicable.

The hardware and firmware versions of NSX MicroLogic 7 trip units are different from the hardware and firmware versions of NSX MicroLogic 5/6 trip units. For more information, refer to DOCA0154EN ComPacT NSX - MicroLogic 7 Trip Unit - Firmware Release Notes.

Date NSX MicroLogic 7 firmware version Availability

July 2022

002.003.001 Release for manufacturing

July 2021

002.002.001 Obsolete

April 2021

002.002.000 Obsolete

July 2018

002.001.001 Obsolete
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