Supply voltage unbalance

Each basic measurement is the ratio of the 10-minute values of the negative and positive sequence voltages.

  • Observation period of one week with fixed steps of 10 minutes.

  • N = the number of valid 10-minute intervals monitored by your meter.

  • N1 = number of 10-minute periods in which the supply voltage unbalance exceeds 2%.

  • Ninvalid = the number of observed intervals or partial intervals that are not included in EN50160:2010 compliance calculations.

Supply voltage unbalance complies with the standard if N1/N <= 5% during the observation period (1 week by default). Voltage unbalance is calculated as follows, using the 10-minute sequence magnitude components from the Symmetrical Components module:

NOTE: The voltage unbalance value provided by the Power Meter module is not used for EN50160:2010 calculations.

EN50160 data (current observation period): the meter generates the N and N1 counts described. These counters are reset at the beginning of the next observation period.

EN50160 data (previous observation period): the meter stores the N and N1 counter values at the end of each observation period before these counters are reset. These registers are also stored in a data recorder for each observation period.

Events: the meter creates an entry in its onboard event log every time the N1 counter increases.

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