Voltage dip default measurements

Voltage dip default measurements are stored in the EN50160 Vlt Dp1-2 data recorders.

EN50160 Vlt Dp1-2 data recorders

Register labels

V-Dip A1

V-Dip A2

V-Dip A3

V-Dip A4

V-Dip A5

V-Dip B1

V-Dip B2

V-Dip B3

V-Dip B4

V-Dip B5

V-Dip C1

V-Dip C2

V-Dip C3

V-Dip C4

V-Dip C5

V-Dip D1

V-Dip D2

V-Dip D3

V-Dip D4

V-Dip D5

V-Dip X1

V-Dip X2

V-Dip X3

V-Dip X4

V-Dip X5

Counters from the previous observation (PO) period are located in Store modules with the prefix PO.

Register labels

PO V-Dip A1

PO V-Dip A2

PO V-Dip A3

PO V-Dip A4

PO V-Dip A5

PO V-Dip B1

PO V-Dip B2

PO V-Dip B3

PO V-Dip B4

PO V-Dip B5

PO V-Dip C1

PO V-Dip C2

PO V-Dip C3

PO V-Dip C4

PO V-Dip C5

PO V-Dip D1

PO V-Dip D2

PO V-Dip D3

PO V-Dip D4

PO V-Dip D5

PO V-Dip X1

PO V-Dip X2

PO V-Dip X3

PO V-Dip X4

PO V-Dip X5

The minimum RMS voltage for each phase during the sag, the duration of the sag, and the timestamp for when the sag occurred are recorded in the Sag/Swell log data recorder.

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